Why the Lunch Lady?

Losing on the lunch game? Tired of the fights? Looking for a way to brighten my kid’s day? Picky eater? Short on options for allergies? No matter the child, we promise to make it a better experience for all.

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We put kids at the centre of the plate

Need a break?

Let the Lunch Lady take care of lunch for the day! All of our menus have nutritionally balanced meals, a variety of options for those with allergies and food sensitivities, and are enjoyed by kids. We start with lunch classics and create a healthier version of food they already love. Healthier meals. Full tummies. Smarter kids.

Our easy-to-use online ordering process

We make ordering lunch simple

Lunch can sometimes be a challenge. With Lunch Lady, it doesn’t have to be. Our online ordering process allows parents to pick and choose breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks for their child; or order together, and make it a teachable moment. We offer healthier options for healthier choices.

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How it Works

Our step-by-step lunch process

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Step One

Sign up and log in. Select your menu, pick your choices and check out.

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Step Two

Your order is confirmed and food is prepared for your child.

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Step Three

Lunch is delivered to your school by a caring Lunch Lady or Lunch Guy.

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Step Four

A great lunch means a happy kid, and a happy kid means a better day of learning at school.

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Kids talk with the Lunch Lady

See what some our students have to say about the Lunch Lady. Kids talk with one of our own. Click the video to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Have a question? You may find the answer to it here.

All meals are made fresh in a nut-free facility in your community.

Lunch Lady staff deliver the meals to the school just before the bell. The hot items are kept separate in hot thermal bags until they are placed in the student’s lunch bag with any cold sides and snacks that have been ordered.

Each lunch bag is individually labelled with your child’s information and sorted by class. Once the hot items are added, the lunch bins are usually sent to each class for distribution, but in some schools we serve to a common lunch area where all the children eat.

Sometimes things do go wrong but our focus is always on the children we serve and how we can look after them. Our Lunch Lady staff is easy to find in our bright aprons and always has extras just in case. Once we look after the child, then we will sort out what happened and make it right.

No problem – Kids do see their friends enjoying something different and want to try it too. Make the changes yourself online or call your Lunch Lady kitchen for help.

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