If children like it, we probably make it.

Our Goal is Simple and Straightforward. WE serve meals at school that SUPPORT the lessons being taught in the classroom about Nutrition and Health.

To achieve this goal we start with lunch classics that kids already enjoy and offer them in healthier ways.

There are many different ways to bring yummy Lunch Lady food to your school. We offer:

FULLY MANAGED Regular Hot Lunch Service offering oodles of choices [See samples below] including  Allergy Management, same day cancellation, Menus in English and French and personalized customer service. Menus can be offered online ONLY so no forms come back to the school or with an order grid for parents at the school’s request.

FULLY MANAGED Special Events like “Spooky Spaghetti” , “Pajama Day” or “Hot Diggity Dog” to add fun to any hot lunch day including  Allergy Management, Menus in English and French and personalized customer service. Menus can be offered online ONLY so no forms come back to the school or with an order grid for parents at the school’s request

“Do IT YOURSELF” Programs for schools using online ordering sites or platforms to organize their hot lunch days like Healthy Hunger, Lunchbox Orders, Munch-a-Lunch, cashless schools. hotlunches.net or similar services.

Please contact info@thelunchlady.ca or newschools@thelunchlady.ca for more information


Emailable version of the Fall 2016 Cover English

Regular Menu 2016 2017* Sample – DO NOT USE 

Sample Fall 2017 Regular Service

Quick Picks menu 2016 2017* Sample – DO NOT USE

Sample Fall 2017 Quick Picks Service

*Please note that there are NO PRICES on our samples. Menus and options do vary from school to school and region to region but on average entrees and  meals range from $4.00 to $6.50 .The price and choices offered will depend on the  amount of fundraising paid to your school and the school guidelines and food costs in your area


The Lunch Lady supports provincial nutrition guidelines for healthy schools and looks forward to the day when there is a single Canadian standard that applies to all provinces. Our information is reviewed annually by a Registered Dietitian. Not all choices are available in all schools or provinces. CLICK here for  NUTRITION INFORMATION 2017-2018 


While we do not label food as good or bad, we do believe that school food should contain more whole grains, veggies and fruits, lean protein and less fat, sugar, and sodium.  This year we launched our Smarter Meals menu, you can view the menu here.

The Lunch Lady continues to work with suppliers, Regional Boards of Health, parents and kids and now the federally funded “Nourishing School Communities” initiative to design menus that will appeal to children and provide the energy they need to support a great afternoon of learning at school.


All meals are prepared in strictly monitored facilities in your community, do not contain peanuts or tree nuts or include peanuts or tree nuts in the ingredient list. Our food suppliers must provide proof of HACCP* food allergen safety protocols to be listed with the Lunch Lady.

*Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point or HACCP (pronounced hassip) is a management system by which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw food material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished food product. HACCP is designed for use in all segments of the food industry from growing, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, distributing, and merchandising to preparing food for consumption.


No one likes to be left out on HOT LUNCH DAY. That’s why it is important to be able to provide alternate meals for kids with severe food allergies, food sensitivities like gluten intolerance and diabetes.


Parents of allergic children must complete the STUDENT ALLERGY INFORMATION FORM 2015 prior to ordering – even those with peanut allergies in the unlikely case of a product recall.

Contact your Lunch Lady kitchen for a form of use the one above. An Ingredient and Allergen List is also available upon request. We track the top 10 allergens.


The well-being and health of the children we serve is always our first concern and we want you to have peace of mind when you order from us but unfortunately we cannot offer a 100% guarantee for the following reasons

    • Allergens other than peanuts or tree nuts are present in our kitchens – ie milk and eggs and other common allergens. There is always the outside chance, be it slight of unintended cross contamination during preparation
    • Product  recalls  and product reformulation by suppliers which are situations beyond our control
    • Cross contamination at school after meals are delivered.  

It is important to be in touch with your Lunch Lady kitchen each time you order to ensure the safest meal possible.


All Lunch Lady Kitchens are HEALTH INSPECTED commercial facilities and operate under strict food safety and quality control policies. They follow standardized practices and use approved ingredients from inspected food manufacturers and distributors


For more info about the Lunch Lady’s allergy management and kitchen safety protocols contact:  allergymanagement@thelunchlady.ca. Be sure to include “Allergy” in the e-mail subject line.

Food Recalls in Canada – www.inspection.gc.ca

Global Food Safety – www.mygfsi.com

Canadian Farm Certification – www.canadagap.ca


Watch for our FOOD GALLERY coming SOON!





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