The Lunch Lady is Committed to Food Quality and Safety

The Lunch Lady is Committed to Food Quality and Safety

Your child’s safety and happiness are our first priority. Having served schools for over 18 years, we know that maintaining high standards for our products and services is essential. We are committed to serving meals that are not only consistently nutritious and delicious, but safe for your children to enjoy.

Here are just some of the many things that the Lunch Lady does to ensure top quality food at an affordable price:

Our Kitchens

  • All food prepared in regularly health inspected commercial kitchens
  • Frequent monitoring by our Head Office Operations Team
  • Menu and product testing through our corporate test kitchen in Vaughan, ON
  • Random in-kitchen and in-classroom quality testing by Franchisees and Head Office

Our Food

  • Menus developed by a highly trained menu planning team
  • Recipes designed to meet and exceed all provincial nutrition standards
  • Nutritional analysis, publically available to all customers
  • Ingredient & allergy listings for all food items
  • Only the highest quality ingredients
  • All franchise partners are required to be Food Safety Compliant and take a Regulated Certified Food Handler course recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Our Suppliers

  • Food sourced through commercial suppliers
  • Documented research on every food vendor
  • Constant engagement with manufacturers to develop and source new products
  • Routine sampling of new products

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lunch Lady food prepared?

Every Lunch Lady lunch across Canada is made in a Regional health inspected commercial kitchen.

Does the Lunch Lady meet provincial nutrition standard?

The Lunch Lady is committed to exceeding all provincial nutrition standards, including Ontario’s new PPM150. We fully comply to the Ontario Ministry of Education policy with every ingredient and our goal is to have our menu items above and beyond 80% Sell Most.

Who prepares the food?

Every Lunch Lady franchise partner is independently owned and operated by a member of your community. Franchise partners are hand selected by Lunch Lady Head Office and are constantly monitored by a team of highly trained operations managers.

How does the Lunch Lady source its products?

We source our products exclusively through a commercial distribution system. Every supplier is required to provide us with product information including nutritional and allergy declarations to ensure food safety.

How are new ingredients and nutritionals monitored?

The Lunch Lady Group’s menu planning team, which includes a nutrition manager, formulates exact specifications and measurements for the preparation of our lunches. For every new menu, our team researches nutritionals, ingredients, and allergens for every product on every menu across the country. The ingredients we use in our recipes are never altered. Recipes are followed with no deviations. (i.e. adding “extras” or more product than specified). All lunches have been formulated to be consistent in nutritional values and allergy management. We have created these particular formulas for our lunches so that the end product is constant wherever our lunches are served and so that allergy management and nutritional values are maintained.

Nutritionals for all menu items are available through your local Lunch Lady.

Are franchisees trained in food safety?

Our franchisees and at least one of their employees in a supervisory position are required to take a course to be a Certified Food Handler, recognized by the Ministry of Health.

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