ruthie-burdNew to the Lunch Lady?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Ruthie and 20 years ago I read about an idea – buying sandwiches at a deli and delivering them to workers in an office tower in New York City and attempted to “CANADIANIZE” it and adapt it to the making and delivery of lunches to our elementary schools where there are few cafeterias.  Read more About Us and My Lunch Lady Story 

In the beginning my main goal was to provide busy parents with CONVENIENCE and a reasonably priced alternative to the home packed lunch. To be honest, I based my menu on what I thought would sell best.

But it did not take long to see that there was an opportunity to improve the food environment at school simply by delivering a program that supported what was being taught in the classroom about Healthy Eating.  So I added a little CONSCIENCE to the CONVENIENCE and I have done my best to listen to that little inner voice ever since.  Read more about our Brand Promise

At the Lunch Lady, our concept is NOT COMPLICATED.  We want to make a healthy lunch SIMPLE, safe and enjoyable for everyone.  We prepare CLASSIC and POPULAR FAVOURITES, in our nut-free kitchens using high quality ingredients to create individually catered meals that are always lower in sodium, fat and sugar and higher in whole grains, fruits and veggies and fiber.    And since all our options are available every delivery day, there is always a whole smorgasboard of choice.

I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded that we all have too many treats and goodies in our cupboards, or that we face a potential health care crisis, but I do believe that if we all work together – food suppliers, governments, businesses, agencies, schools and parents, that we can provide a CANADIAN SOLUTION to both our obesity issues and the problems of child hunger in this county.

I hope you will read on to find out more about us and our commitment to Healthy Lunches Made Simple.



P.S. You can learn more about me and The Lunch Lady by watching the video below