How much is the Franchise Fee?

The Lunch Lady Franchise Fee is currently $25,000 Cdn + GST.

What does this Franchise Fee include?

The Franchise fee includes an extensive and intensive two week training program, start-up support, assistance with lease/site selection and kitchen set-up, network training as well as use of the Lunch Lady Name and all associated branding and operating systems.

Does the Lunch Lady provide financing?

We do not have a corporate financing program available. However the Lunch Lady Group supports Industry Canada’s Small Business Financing Program.


Are there any other ongoing Royalties and other fees?

Royalty Fees are 8% of Total Gross Sales for on-going support. There is also an Ad Fund of 1% of Total Gross Sales used for branding and promotional activity.

Are there other start-up expenses?

Franchisees are responsible for all expenses related to outfitting a functional, commercial kitchen and start up cash flow.

Do you need food service experience to succeed?

While experience in the Hospitality industry is helpful, it is not essential. Creating a successful Franchise depends on effort, good organization, effective management and attention to Customer Service.

Can you operate this business from your home?

No. Food delivered to schools must be prepared in an inspected commercial kitchen facility.

What is the daily time commitment?

A Franchisee works five days a week, Monday to Friday while school is in session. As the lunch break at individual Elementary Schools can range from 11 am to 1 pm, working hours and daily start times vary. After the lunches are delivered, there are administrative tasks and preparations to make for the next day, but these can be managed conveniently according to the Franchisee’s own personal schedule.

How many schools does each Franchisee service?

A viable franchise will have access to an Elementary School population of approximately 10,000 students. Since school size varies from region to region, there is no set number of schools. A new Franchisee begins typically with one or two schools, and builds the business gradually.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The initial term is 10 years, with the option to renew for additional 5 year terms.

Can a Franchisee sell their Franchise?

Yes, upon approval of the Lunch Lady Group.

Is this business for you?

This business is ideal for someone who enjoys working with kids, parents and the Community. It is well suited for someone who would like a more flexible lifestyle.