Simply, the Lunch Lady is committed to YOU and the well being of your family.

We value your trust and we work hard to win it and keep it. We know that no matter how many meals we serve, all that matters is that the meal that YOU ordered was delivered and enjoyed.

We Promise To….

  • Deliver a well organized, hassle free and dependable program to our customers that considers everything from menus to packaging to distribution.
  • Offer nutritious options that are properly portioned, reasonably priced and tasty that also meet current requirements for Food at School
  • Provide inclusive menus that address the food needs of those with allergies, food sensitivities and food preferences
  • Source Local and Canadian farmers and food suppliers FIRST
  • Deliver healthier choices to everyone we serve. We do not have one set of rules for children and another for adults.
  • Consider the well being of all Canadian children by supporting vital programs like Breakfast for Learning
  • Assist schools to raise funds through our programs for the things they need
  • Encourage Food Suppliers to make healthier options available for Canadian families at the Grocery Store